Babies and Pre-School

CLICK HERE for Schedule

CLICK HERE for Schedule

Mother's Day Out (18 months old)

What a great fun class to experiment with dance and music. Feel safe and secure knowing your child is starting out with a state certified teacher.

Creative Movement (2 years old)

Creative movement is focused on the early childhood development of motor skills. We use music and items like scarves, flowers and hoops to create a fun and focused atmosphere for the students in this 30 minute class.

Ed-Preps (ages 3 to 5)

As a part of our Ed-Preps program your child will receive instructon in ballet and tap once a week. The class is divided into a half-hour of ballet and a half-hour of tap. This class is designed to teach the fundamentals of ballet and tap. Class structure is set up to keep things fun and fresh to maintain interest and participation.